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Santa Rosa Junior College WikiaEdit

The is a Wikia for all things related to the Santa Rosa Junior College. Look-up, add, and edit pages about classes, clubs, teachers and departments!  

SRJC Student GovernmentEdit

This Wikia project was started by the SRJC Student Government on June 4th, 2014 in an effort to create; a comprehensive -easy to navigate information hub for all things SRJC related; to empower students, staff and faculty to easily create and manage their own information (outside of the JC website); consolidate SRJC information on projects, achievements, and services the; and to help with the institutional memory of the college by having SRJC information easily accessible. It  is the hope of the Student Government that the college will take advantage of this resource and contribute any of its knowledge about the JC to this Wikia.

Extra CreditEdit

To ensure new page creation and bring the SRJC community together, the SRJC Student Government encourages students to ask their teachers if they can add pages to the wiki for extra-credit, as well as teachers to assign wikia page creation and editing as assignments/ extra-credit.

A procedure will be created below as to how to effectively assign wikia extra credit. [i.e. "How to create a username", checking history, etc.]

Latest activityEdit

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